Vagarious Ventures

The Festival of the Sun

Back in Dardun, the Festival of the Sun is in full swing. As the adventurers arrive back into the town, the sun has set. The town square is illuminated by floating lanterns and magic sparklers. In the center of the town square, dancers in shimmering costumes twirl around a sun mosaic. Close to the dancers, a band plays (which Punkin quickly runs to, flute in hand).

After speaking to the mayor and collecting their reward, the party makes their way back to the festival. Nim goes in search of a fortune teller in the festival, leading him to meet Marcelene the Seer. She tells him of a wizard names Filasio who resides in Fallcrest. Filasio may know more about the events leading up to Nim’s star pact.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group quickly procures a stein of ale. Fireballs decides to entertain the locals with magical fireworks. The group also meets a cloaked elf woman named Evelyn. Pinecone immediately checks his breath and shows off his cloak to the new elf. Carric strikes up a conversation with her about her excellent, shiny green cloak made of moonthread. The party learns that Evelyn is traveling to the Harken Forest, which is in the same direction as Fallcrest. Abraxus offers the party’s travelling company, to which Evelyn obliges.

That night, Pinecone has a bizarre dream about another pixie named Glitterdust. Glitterdust appears to be held captive somewhere and pleads for help. Pinecone has another dream that he is in the court of King Sunfire. King Sunfire makes a speech pleading for someone to put as stop to the hag’s treachery. “My people!” he cries. “For years we’ve lived in fear of the bog hag, Rotten Ethel. We’ve heard what happens when she catches our kind, and we’ve wept for those who have fallen before her. My greatest warriors have been sent to slay her, and my wisest sorcerers plotted her downfall, all to no avail. Now her swamp grows larger by the day, and it encroaches at the very borders of my kingdom. Our animal friends been driven from their homes and seek sanctuary at our doorstep. Worse, news has come that she’s kidnapped the fairest of all my subjects: Glitterdust, whose song heralds the height of summer.”

In the morning, Pinecone wakes to find a pixie music box next to his bed. Fireballs figures out that Pinecone’s dream was actually Glitterdust and King Sunfire appearing to him, and that the pixie music box must have made its way to Pinecone through the dream. When the party wakes Evelyn, they become suspicious. Evelyn appears to frantically run around her room before opening her door. Carric spots a rope made out of her bedsheets hanging out of the window. As the adventurers eat breakfast and discuss their plans for travel, Nim sneaks off to investigate Evelyn’s room. Inside, Nim finds an interesting flower (which he draws a picture of using his enchanted quill). He also finds a love potion and her dagger. While inspecting the window, he notices a cloaked woman down below the window. She spots him and quickly walks away into the crowded town square.

The Gnome/ Setting off to the Mansion

Confronting the Gnome

• The party met the gnome and his minion, Francis in a ruined shack. The Gnome was unhappy about the presence of the adventurers. He felt threatened and accidentally dropped the food he had just prepared. The adventurers convinced the Gnome that they meant no harm and were in fact more than a little lost.

• The Gnome challenges the adventurers to prepare a meal using campestris mushrooms. The party used various skills to successfully prepare a meal to present to the flumph headstabbers, the Gnome, and Francis.

Reward: pair of Wildrunners, Eternal Chalk

• When in town, the party sells their items to a local pixie merchant. They were rewarded with 15 xp for fooling the merchant.

• The adventurers talk to the mayor, tell him to arm the town against the kobolds who are gathering.

Setting off to the Mansion

• Party goes to visit an old wizard who in his late age has begun to lose his senses. They find him in jail to ask him about the black pearl they found in the mine. The wizard tells them about Evard the Black and his crumbling mansion.

• When setting off to investigate the mansion, the trek is challenging. The closer the party got to the mansion, the stronger the influence of the Shadowfell. Everyone in the party lost a healing surge.

• In front of the mansion, adventurers encountered zombies and two wraiths.


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